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Skilled Home Health Care

Hands of Compassion HomeCare, Inc. sends nurses, therapists, and aides to provide needed healthcare services in the more comfortable, less costly environment of your own home. People who would benefit from home health care include:

  • Senior citizens who have received new prescriptions, new diet instructions, or new equipment that they don't 100% understand. To a very large extent, taking care of your own health at home involves following medical instructions correctly. With the extensive instructions many senior citizens receive, one training session or take home pamphlets are often not enough. Hands of Compassion HomeCare sends licensed nurses to make multiple teaching visits to ensure full understanding and to follow-up and verify effective adherence to your medical plan.
  • People sent home with wounds that have not fully healed, including surgical sites.
  • People who have a health condition with a likelihood of worsening in the next three weeks. Hands of Compassion HomeCare will send nurses to provide skilled monitoring and assessment until the health condition is fully stable.
  • People who have had heart attacks, heart surgery, or exacerbations of heart failure. Hands of Compassion HomeCare can provide the in-home cardiac rehabilitation that is proven to prevent rehospitalization, improve survival, and improve quality of life.
  • People with neurological challenges such as stroke, Parkinson's, or multiple sclerosis. Our team will provide training and rehabilitation that enhances independence and self-efficacy. Even if you have already received outpatient rehabilitation at a qualified center, research shows that independence is maximized when that rehabilitation is followed with an in-home rehabilitation program.
  • People who have experienced an accidental fall or who are at risk of fall injuries. The in-home rehabilitation we provide has been shown to actually reverse the progression of geriatric disability. Home safety assessments and physical therapy reduce the risk of accidental falls and teach seniors to minimize injury if falls do occur.

Specialty Care Programs
In addition to general skilled nursing and therapy services, Hands of Compassion HomeCare has developed a number of specialty care programs. These programs ensure a consistent level of care that is highly thorough and that is based on the latest science in the treatment of these specific conditions. Our specialty care programs include:

  • Hypertension Program
  • Fall Prevention Program
  • Diabetes Management Program
  • Diabetic Neuropathy Program
  • Congestive Heart Failure Program
  • Telehealth Monitoring


If you or someone you know could benefit from nursing or therapy services at home, please contact Hands of Compassion HomeCare.

Home Health Nurse taking a blood pressure in Midland, TX

The professionals we make available in the convenience and comfort of your home include:

Skilled Nursing 
Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy 
Certified Nursing Assistants
Home Health Aides


For qualified recipients, Medicare pays 100% of allowable charges. Private insurance and other programs tend to follow Medicare's rules. Patients must meet Medicare's definition of homebound. This simply means that leaving home requires a taxing effort, that leaving the home is infrequent. A homebound person would typically require the assistance of another person to go out and about. A patient can be temporarily homebound while recovering from an injury or illness. Patients must also have a skilled need. This means your plan of care must include services that only a licensed nurse or licensed physical or speech therapist is allowed to do. Finally, your doctor must order the services. Hands of Compassion HomeCare will coordinate with your doctor(s) for your convenience and to ensure optimal coordination of care. If you have any questions about home health qualifications, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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